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Newborn Baby Crochet Costume- Batman

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  • Theme: Let your little one channel those superpowers in this darling batman baby crochet costume. This iconic suit will keep your little guy warm and comfortable.
  • Comfortable Material: The batman crochet costume is created through crochet work which is a breathable material by machine, with fine detailing and without any loose threads that make it durable and safe.
  • Items Included: The Items included in this cute little batman crochet costume is a shawl to cover and protect your little one completely, a diaper cover and a hat, your little hero won't miss any bat signals.
  • Size: Baby batman crochet is suitable for newborn to 3 months, with length 24” and 18” hip but it’s so soft and lovable, you will treasure it forever.
  • Occasion: A cute costume for your little angel’s Halloween celebration, or on his first baby photoshoot.
Do you want a cute little batman costume for your little hero? The baby batman crochet costume is here.

The most precious jewels around your neck is your child’s arm, your little angel has your whole heart and you want to get the most beautiful stuff for them so why not buy this adorable and lovable little batman crochet costume for him, Let your adorable child wear this little hero costume, We feel tickled even thinking about it.

  • Trust me! You don’t want to miss this, you won't want to put him down in this outfit.

Package Dimensions: 8 x 6.5 x 3 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces